Something about the value of time

In my new life chapter, now when I live in the city that I hated, there are a lot of pressure and stress. Having a full time job, plus teaching at college, plus have a online magazine and another two projects is exhaustive. Of course, that could be less stressful if I shouldn’t move. But, what can I say? Now I can do that.

Now I can do that… today I was in my job just in 20 minutes. I was really grateful because I could make it early and avoid the traffic jam. Even so, at lunch time, I had to take the bus and that was a little annoying because I spent almost three hours in my way to class. I even arrived late at college. Then, after class, I had to wait like an hour for my brother, and tomorrow I have to take the bus at 6:00 am and that means that I have to wake up at 5:00 am.

I spend a lot of time in traffic. I feel like my time is no more mine even if I’m not working. When I was at NYC I took the subway everyday and spent two hour, one to go, one to come. But I didn’t feel like it was a waste of time. It was actually interesting. I could read, think, relax, look the others… but here… it is like no possible do that.

Today I felt like my time, my precious time is too little and too value. I feel like I’m growing up and now I can understand how the adult people feel about their time. How one hour or 30 minutes means a lot, not just money.


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