Dahi in the concrete jungle, Chapter 1

Today was my first day living like ‘capitaleña’. I have to be honest, I didn’t want to come. Last week was so stressful, so sad and nostalgic, I just wanted stay at home, watch series and do nothing. But I couldn’t. I had to work hard to finish all the projects that I had. I even left my radio program 3 Bits, something that I really loved to do (and I hope I could do it again in the future). 

Yesterday I came to the concrete jungle, the capital of my country, where the traffic is awful and everything is faster, louder and chaotic. I’m staying with my family, that is something good because the rent here is really expensive. I have my own room, and I don’t have to buy food. If I get sick in the future I won’t be alone. I have a lot of friends here and I have my brothers too. But even so I feel like there is something missing. My little brother, my best friend, my apartment, my city of 30 gentlemen where I could wear jeans and converse for a job, my movies night, my Vino a Beber’s night, well here they have a Vino a Beber so…

After participated in a birthday party here in the house with a few people, I get prepare to my first day and went to sleep early. This morning, after a night not so good – you know, when you sleep in a place for the first time your body is not comfortable enough-, I woke up with the alarm, get ready and follow my aunt in the traffic jam. It wasn’t so bad. I mean, at least I get on time at my job. Well I arrived like 4 minutes later on my first day, but there was almost nobody there, even my boss so…

When my boss arrived she show my office, and the rest of the building. Everybody looked nice. The thing that I loved more was the big window on my office. There is not a great view like the mountains, but there are some tree and that is nice. After a long meeting with my boss we went to the big meeting with all the team. Later they give us a cake because they was celebrate the first month of the institution. That was weird… I mean, I never saw a celebration with cake for the first month… but it was nice, they were taking picture and talking. Then I stared my job or sort of, cause the internet was awful in the morning.

I ate and get back to the office, and even so I can go at 4:00 pm, I had to stay until 6:30 cause I needed to finish something. Of course at that time the concrete jungle was chaotic. I took the 27 Febrero avenue, and got I was so stupid cause I took all the lights… and of course there was that corner where I stuck like 20 minutes and saw the light change four times before I could cross the street. The number of the cars in the street was suffocating, so I put something in the radio and make some calls to entertain myself. Meanwhile the GPS was telling my stuff like: In 300 mt turn left… She is so funny sometimes, specially when she tell to do something and that was wrong.

Anyway, after 50 minutes in the street (in a way where I suppose to stay like 13 minutes… thanks traffic jam) I finally get home, where all the finally was already. I took a bath, ate the dinner and get comfortable to rest. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day, cause I have to go back to my city and do something that I love: teach.

I have to say, this first day was good. I think the job will be interesting and I’ll learn a lot. But I’m not sure about living in this city. It’s like a good pay check and a good job comes with a chaotic city and a fast style of life, and I don’t know if it will be worth.


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