Wake me up when september ends…

It’s september first, the ninth month of the year is officially here, and a lot of people in the occidental world is scary. I don’t really know why this month is so… how can I say… fearful, maybe? But the true is that everything could be happen in the ninth month of the year. You come back to school, leave the vacations, begin some work, move out from your home and have the chance to change the world. No wonder there are so many songs about september.

Today, this first day of the month, in the social media Twitter, the Trending Topic was #AdiósAgosto #HolaSeptiembre with a lot of comments of differents people around the world… but specifically in the north zone of the occidental world: Spain, France, United States, Caribbean, so on. Some with hope, others with sadness, but the really thing is this month is perfect to reflect about what we were doing all this year.

In the front we have just fourth month more to do something really awesome with this year, I mean, if you’re still sitting in a chair watching life go by. Anyway, no matter what you really think about this or other months of the year, cause have the magic like august for being summer, or december for being christmas, or february for any other reasons.

So, meanwhile, wake me up when september ends, cause when this month ends I’ll be back to home, and a new chapter of my life will be beginning.


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