Something about relationships

Being in a relationship is probably the most difficult thing that a human can do. It isn’t just hugs and kisses, or walk in the beach, make a dinner or watch a movie. In my teenage years I was witness of the difficults that my friends had with her partners. There are many stories about each person, but I need a book to tell you about all of them. Obviously in our adult live the things only got worse.

Recently I was watching a catalan TV series. Is a story about six kids that they are sicks and live in a hospital. The interesting thing about this series is the drama of the teenagers. It’s like they are living like a normal person, but with the detail that they have to fight every day to suvive. Like in every group of people, there are a romantic story between the leader and the girl. And of course, the triangle between ‘the good boy’, the girl and ‘the bad boy’.

Can you imagine if the relations are complicated in itself, how will be for those who have bigger problems?

And probably you know more than me about this kind of theme. Why I say that relantions are difficult? Maybe you ask. The answer is very simple: we are humans being. In our body we have a million of cells that flow side to side in different ways. How could be a person simple? Imagen two coexisting with a lot of emotions day by day.

The big problem about relationships is that the people need to be with somebody else. That sense of socialize its a very important part of our humanity. You can listen a girl complain about the boy that she likes. If he call her or not, take her to the movies or not, do something or nothing… but she never leaves him, cause “she like him” or ” she love him”

Another thing is that depends of the kind of person, normally, their relationship it’s gonna be the same. If you are irritating or sweet… and if you match with someone like you or a very different person.

Anyway, the true is that we need to learn how coexist with the person around us. Especially if we love or like that person.


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