Lindsey Stirling, just awesome

Recently a good friend share with me a video from youtube about a talent girl who play violin in the same time that she dance. The video was an excellent performance with a great use of the shadows and lights. But the incredible thing is this young women dancing meanwhile she’s playing.

I was amazed. The best thing than I ever see in my life in a long time. Two of my favorite things together in a great show. Today, I was looking for this girl, and I find that she is famous in the United State. Lindsey Stirling, that’s her name. She competed in America’s Got Talent in 2010. With a unique style, she enjoys every step, every note.  Can you image the difficult of this? I mean, the pop artist have a great talent (almost all of them), but even more important is the discipline to practice everyday, cause believe me, it’s not easy dance and sing at the same time. Image the difficult of dance and play a violin.

Lindsey can do that. And she’s doing in the awesome way. She got talent and discipline. Their songs have something that I really like and enjoy. In her webpage she say: “I learned that if you are true to yourself, if you stand for what you believe in, people will love you for who you are and for who you love to be”. This is just a small piece to continue admiring her and wish her many successes in her artistic life.

There are still original people with talent willing to do great things and different. Is a breath that the world is not so cold like sometimes we can see, and that there are still many people with a different vision, doing small things but big.

Here I let you a video from youtube of one of her performance. Enjoy.


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