Cause is Sherlock

In my 24 years there is just one detective that never disappoint me. He’s name is Sherlock Holmes, you probably know him cause is very famous. Recently I watched the last episode of the series version 2010, and if you know how this character thinks, you can’t be surprise.

Describe this men is probable the simpler think that no one can do, or the more complicate, if you know what I mean. Just with a look, he can say everything about you. His astute logical reasoning, his ability to take on almost any disguise, and his use of forensic science skills to solve difficult cases, that’s Sherlock means.

It doesn’t matter which actor make this character or which age it is, the substance of S.H never change. If you read the books, watch the movies or series, there are a moment when we think like him or try to think. Each move, look, gesture and word means something different depends of the context. He can’t die, even if he’s death.

The combination of drama, suspense, humor and crime is just amazing when Sherlock and Watson have the case. If you don’t know him yet, run and take a look, cause you are missing a genius of the logical deduction.


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